Jan. 15th, 2018

[info]of_fae_n_angels Prompt 1

Do you consider the abilities and powers you possess to be a gift or a burden?

First of all, it is way too early in the morning for me to be philosophical. Plus, I would waste my energy, if I tried to explain to humans about my gifts and what they mean. Humans have created a safety net pillowbed of illusions and stories, to comfort them in the dark, so that they can convince themselves that my boss and I can be denied or deluded. It helps them sleep at night, after they rape their neighbor, or steal from a friend...or wage world war. It makes it possible for them to live for today, to screw over anyone for whatever pleasure or gain they desire, and then they think a few Hail Marys or donating a few pennies in red buckets at holidays gives them an 'out'.

How many times has some pathetic human stain shown up in my workplace, so bewildered by Death, but still clinging to their absolute surety? It really doesn't matter if they are faithful sheep, on their knees every week in some house of prayer, or if they are arrogant believers in non-belief? It is like a fine, sleek jaguar, out in the jungle, and they are the quivering, soft little prey left there, unprepared, but so sure that they have some way...some power...that will keep the predator from ripping flesh and bone. That cat doesn't hate the little beast. That cat has a job to do, and a fundamental need to feed. It isn't personal...most of the time. It is what it is...what it has always been. The symbols and dogma, then catchphrases and convictions...it means nothing when teeth meet blood, when no saviors remain, when it is just the beast doing what the beast was designed...created...bred...to do. One might rail at the beast, or bargain with it. But the fundamental truth is that if that sweet, plump, faithful little prey had any chance of mercy or escape, they would never have been put before the beast to begin with. So much pleading, the endless tears...and they never grasp the most fundamental of all faith truths...they put themselves before the beast. No one did this to them. They did it. All alone. The beast is merely feeding.

I do admit, some work is far more pleasant than others. Some feeds are more filling, some prey more worthy. You should see Lucifer, when one of the truly vicious or deserving humans are on their way. His eyes light up...his smile becomes feral and the atmosphere, among the grey ash and dim lights, it becomes much more festive. It would be a very enjoyable task, as we rid them of each and every protection of faith...or non-belief. Humans...idiots...they think that if they choose to not believe, to deny the existence of Heaven or Hell, of Father and belief, they will somehow never have to face it. I ask, truly, does that shit work in any other part of human existence? If you choose to not believe in the IRS, do you not have to pay taxes? If you decide that procreation is a myth, and then have hot, sweaty, slick sex for...what? Three minutes? Does that work as birth control? As Lucifer says, DENIAL is just a river in Egypt. You can't deny your way out of Hell. You can't pray your way out. You can't bargain.

So, given all of that, I have to say that my 'powers' are a gift. I enjoy my work, such as it is. Even on vacation, I still get to back up my boss, to dispense a bit of well deserved justice. I don't have a soul, so I don't have to worry if my actions or inactions will put me on the receiving end of damnation or salvation. Frankly, Heaven sounds boring as Hell to me. Perhaps that is another gift. I don't have to worry, or deny. I have the freedom to be beauty and Beast, believer and sinner. But never a denier...oh, no...I don't deny what I am, or what I do. I am an important part of a system I did not design, but would never deny. I like the hunt.

So, humans?

Stop with the games. Stop trying to pretend that if you wave off the Devil, you won't face him. You all will face one, or the other, the Father or His Son...and not the sweet, dim one. Judgement was built into the system. You can't intellectualize your way out, like an invitation you just choose not to RSVP to. In the end, you will appear. Either Uriel will be droning on in his welcome speech, or one of my coworkers and I will be escorting you to your Eternal Motel 666. Don't worry, human, we'll leave the light on for you. And then, you and I will be so close, you can't deny it, or my gifts. But...don't forget...you are the one who sent yourself to me. I had nothing to do with it.

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Oct. 26th, 2017

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